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Friday, 20 February 2009

neilmcgrath @ reverbnation

I'm now on ReverbNation...there's some cool widgets which allow you to embed a music player on sites like the one below [or the one I stuck on the side of this blog]:


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Thursday, 19 February 2009

music is @

Listen to my music ---> HERE <---

[edit: There is a ReverbNation player on the Facebook page now...]

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Right now I've only got one track for sale on which you can link to by clicking on the picture above this text

Here's some more links and details also:

Click HERE for my main music sales page on

Buy Mo Chairde Go Leir for €1 :

- PC Download @

- To buy this track with SMS, users should text music 2479 to 57501 (Texts cost €1, which includes operator revenue share. Republic Of Ireland ONLY.)

- Mobile Download @

- To buy this track with SMS for Direct to Mobile download, users should text music 2479 m to 57501 (Texts cost €1, which includes operator revenue share. Republic Of Ireland ONLY.) Operator Data Transfer fees also apply for mobile downloads.

- Click HERE to buy this track from the UK

So basically you can get the track 3 different ways:

1. Go directly to and pay for it online, then download it.
2. Text music 2479 to 57501 and pay for it with your phone credit/bill, you will receive a text back with a PIN number. Visit, enter the PIN and then download the track.
3. Text music 2479 m to 57501 and pay for it with your phone credit/bill, you can download the track directly onto your phone.

So there you have it, please go and buy it immediately!!


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Guess Who's Back? Who? You were gone somewhere?

Hello again...

In the unlikely event that you've ever heard of me before now, it's been a long time and it's good to be back...and for the majority of you that have no idea who I am; nice to meet you and I hope that you enjoy my music :)

So after years of resistance to selling out and promoting myself online I've finally decided to drop all the pseudonyms and aliases and create some Neil McGrath sites to promote my music. I'm still gonna be keeping my alias profiles on Facebook etc. to chat with just my friends but for all things Neil McGrath related I'm gonna be whoring myself @ the following locations:

(This) Blog:








Buy My Music: Click here for my main sales page on

I'm going to be selling my music on and iTunes (when I set it up)

For the moment I am just selling one track "Mo Chairde Go Leir" and I'll post a second blog in a moment with details on how to buy it online or with your mobile phone.

Oh and finally if anyone sends emails anymore or if anyone wants to offer me a $1,000,000 record deal then you can write to me at these email addresses: or

I think that's everything for now anyway...I'll be creating a fan page thing on Facebook soon so I'll post that up aswell... [*Update* I just added the link to the Facebook Fan Page now]

And lastly, thanks to everyone and anyone that encouraged me or supported my music along the way...I really appreciate it and I hope to see you all soon when I get back to playing gigs this spring :)


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